The Job Has Its Requirement

The Job Itself Has Its Own Requirement:

To Be Productive

Therefore, Only Optimized Workers Should Apply

All Jobs have purpose. In order to fulfill that purpose, only people with relevant training and proven skills in the relevant tasks who desire success should be hired.

Performance on all aspects of the Job must be productive. When productivity is the result, the Job provides productivity for the organization it serves. That allows other Jobs in the organization to also provide productive results.

If the Job is not performed well by all its workers, the organization served by the Job cannot be productive as possible.

In order to achieve maximum productivity, the Job should be staffed with individuals who are best at their specifically relevant tasks. They should have relevant experience. They should have relevant training. They should want to be productive.

Therefore all people selected to perform all tasks for the Job, should have experience, training, and the desire to achieve optimal performance.

People who meet these criteria may be hired to work on the Job. Others should not apply. Others should not expect to be hired regardless of any not-relevant characteristics.

NOTE: Being a woman or a man will have no impact on consideration since gender is not relevant to the Job.

NOTE: No other applicant characteristics will be considered, discussed, reviewed, analyzed, or in any manner offered as a factor in their being hired to serve the Job and the Job‘s organization.

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