The Global Shortage

The Need Is Global

Global discontent, anger, fighting, and killing is active in most nations across the world. It varies in magnitude with less killing in North America and much killing in the Middle East.

Frustration and anger are ubiquitous. Today’s anger and resultant desire to hurt and kill other people has been unleashed nearly everywhere because cultures are bereft of leadership. There is a shortage of leaders who lead people along productive pathways.

Today, those who thrust themselves into leadership roles have little understanding of operations and functions that they are responsible for, in charge of, and should be competently directing.

Today’s leadership cares not for consequences that damage governmental, social, cultural, and industrial institutions. Today’s leaders too often operate as though they are insulated professionally and personally from any negative consequences of their incompetent, passive methods.

Today’s leaders are not leaders. They simply occupy leadership positions. Not until leaders fill leadership positions and lead with competent integrity will their staffs operate with integrity.

It appears unlikely, but leaders must rise to fill the leadership voids in finance, industry, politics, and throughout our culture. To be worthy, rising leaders must operate with competence and integrity. They must display personal and institutional respect and concern for long-term consequences. If worthy leaders fail to emerge, we will each follow to our ultimate demise, the incompetent, unconcerned, sloppy figures we appear these days to adore.

None of us is wholly immune in this financial, cultural, and political deadly, down-drafting void.

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