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The President Of The United States is empowered by the United States Constitution.

Without the US Constitution no one can enjoy the powers and privileges of the office. Those powers and privileges would no longer exist.

When a US President ignores US Constitutional procedures, when he disregards US Constitutional limits, when he works to undermine the fundamental intent and precepts of the US Constitution, he breaks his oath of office.

When a US President undermines the US Constitution, the office is undermined, the People are undermined, and the man himself is undermined.

When the president undermines himself, as well as the office he holds, he is no longer worthy of Americans’ respect.

The US Constitution guarantees each legitimate US citizen rights and liberty. Are Americans to show respect for a man who undermines the rights and liberty guaranteed to all Americans by the US Constitution?

Is it wrong or correct for Americans to defend their Constitution from anyone — even a sitting president himself — who is undermining the US Constitution? Is it wrong or correct for Americans to defend the US Constitution even when their president — who has sworn to uphold the Constitution — undermines, disregards,and demonstrates disdain for it?

Are Americans to show respect for a man who is undermining their rights, liberty, and Constitutional guarantees?

When a US president undermines the foundation of his empowerment, he is dismantling the substance of The United States Of America.

The US Constitution has served and provided well for Americans since its inception. Today the US Constitution needs Americans’ help. The US Constitution is under assault. Are there Americans of character who will defend the US constitution?

In their too-easily-handed freedom, in their flabby, apathetic, oh-so-comfortable, lazy nihilism, will Americans sit passively? Will they allow their Constitution to be usurped, ignored, dismantled, and discarded?

Discarded for what? That is the question.

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