Beethoven Is Dead

Beethoven Died Just A Few Decades Ago

Heifetz is no longer playing his violin.
Hayek is no longer theorizing and teaching economics.
The space shuttle is no longer a symbol of contemporary America’s desire to explore and learn, thereby providing hope for productive change and improvement of life styles while enjoying the music of the master composers, artists, and thinkers.

In contrast, today’s American people have succumbed to moronic politicians, some of whom promise literally “hope and change”. The American people fail to comprehend that they voted themselves lives of never again living their hopeful, oft improving situations, but rather a politician’s satisfaction through control of “his” people.

Many politicians’ hope and change is implemented using the thoroughly tested and failed schemes known as socialism and communism. Today’s hope and change is dictated by empty-headed, nothing politicians who lie and are pathological narcissists.

Ask the American people, “What was so very, very, very wrong with America that you fall for socialism provided by a loser who wants to end your liberty, decrease your wealth, and sublime your innate ability to pursue and achieve your personal dreams?

Beethoven is dead and he will not be replaced in today’s America — nor in today’s Germany.

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