Be your own great leader.

Americans Should Accept Their Successes Without Guilt

Americans, stop to look around the world. Where would you rather live? Nowhere else?

The USA has the highest proportion and the largest number of successful people of any nation today or anytime in history. The US economy swings in phases the same way people get ill and recover. Americans have the widest range of jobs, life-styles, consumer products, foods, and the best opportunities to work and make themselves successful of any nation in history.

Nowhere — not ever before in history — have so many people had so much and attained it so easily. So very much comfort and potential has been handed to today’s Americans. They have inherited successes of earlier generations of Americans who sacrificed, fought, and worked to build the USA. Their achievements have been handed to today’s Americans. It is no wonder that many Americans today fail to appreciate what they have inherited easily and with too little effort.

Americans have problems. The USA is engaged in a war, but there will always be fighting among people both within the USA and among others of divergent cultures. Future energy sources will be discovered and invented by creative Americans. Cultural divisions exist, but could be ameliorated if people would cease using contentious behavior as their default mode, get serious about work, and mind their own business.

Those lame pretenders who claim to be prepared for leadership of the USA, lecture Americans about divisions, shortcomings, and threats. Those who are genuinely prepared to lead Americans need not lecture about problems, but instead highlight Americans’ accomplishments and potentials. They devise substantive, feasible plans to cooperate, build, and improve.

The change Americans need is a change to genuinely positive leadership with courage and integrity. All else will progress from Americans’ efforts when not burdened with ineffective, weak, false leadership.

Until great and worthy leaders emerge, we must be our own great and worthy leader.

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