America Has The Opportunity To Fail

America’s Chance To Be The Next Socialist Experiment — And To Fail Just As East Germany, The USSR, & North Korea Have

The 2016 presidential election is a contest between More Freedom and Less Freedom.

This contest manifests as capitalism and socialism, Democrat and Republican, women against men, black against white, and more you could name.

However, look at the issues simply and you will see that the contest is between More Freedom and Less Freedom.

If you want to punish your employer with reduced profitability so that you may stand a chance of being fired, if you want to pay higher taxes and have politicians and bureaucrats instructing you in your personal life, vote for any Democrat.

If you want your employer to be more profitable and continue to afford to pay you and less likely to eliminate your job, if you want lower taxes and less instruction on how to live your personal life, vote for any Republican.

Look around. Yes, you can see that nowhere ever in any nation has socialism or communism produced happy, prosperous people.

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