Adoration Of Leaders

Evil Leaders Can Destroy Their Adoring Followers

Nations with self-serving, nefarious purposes are intruding into war and taking sides. Many are wholly unacquainted with global affairs, relevant issues, long-term hatreds & people’s potentials for progress.

Members of The Hitler Youth, some of whom are alive today, reached adulthood during the collapse of the Third Reich, the perpetrator of the Holocaust. Today, the civilized world has learned of Nazi mass murderers, watched movies, newsreels, and seen photos, visited death camps and museums, and listened to survivors’ stories.

Memories cannot possibly have faded.

Yet Iran’s democratically elected President Ahmadinejad, who again appears poised to take Iran’s presidency, is attempting to wash Holocaust images away. He repeatedly proclaims his objective: “Wipe Israel from the map and drive all Jews into the sea”. He is a constant source of today’s steady streaming anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, and anti-Christian incitement.

However, Israel and the Jewish people are again being used to distract the world while this contemporary Hitler type from Iran builds an arsenal including nuclear weaponry and ignites more followers. Ahmadinejad’s real objective is to regain all Muslim territories ever possessed by Muslims. That includes Spain and eastward.

Beyond initial objectives, Ahmadinejad and his millions of followers dream — and know — they will raise Muslim the flag over London, the United States, and more.

Where do you live? Where do you stand?

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