Today’s American Pol

America’s political system is failing America & causing America to fail on the global stage.

Distrusted, disliked, and rarely respected by people who worked with or for them, many of today’s politicians enter politics after losing a corporate position.

Why is America fettered with politicians who operate in wishy-washy, pandering, unprincipled mode, and are not worthy of holding America’s leadership positions? Why don’t men and women of principle, skill, and character shift into politics, improve America, and return to productive work in the private sector?

Because people who can genuinely achieve go into business, perform well doing real jobs, earn an honest, reasonable income, and do not need to pander to multitudes, wangle for adoration, grant favors, or lecture from soap boxes. They work on and manage organizations and operations, accomplish substantive goals, and make progress for their companies and for themselves.

Generally, competent people work in industry, perform traditional functions and, sometimes, those who are inspired and creative risk much to become entrepreneurs.

Many of those who cannot live up to these objectives or reach tangible and productive goals lose their jobs or cannot attain higher positions in private industry. They discover there is only one choice open to them: Politics.

Politics is the voluntary function ostensibly designed to serve the public, but too often used to aggrandize and serve oneself. Often they foist themselves upon a weary electorate as a type of savior. They campaign for themselves as “Trusted Leader”, “Experienced”, and so on and so on….

The biography of a local or state-level politician, contains elements that contribute to the making of the all too typical American pol.

After losing a job, or never actually joining the working labor force, they apparently realize they could volunteer for their next work: Some sort of community activity. Then, after serving on a local level to make contacts, they run for a an office such as mayor. It does not matter that they lose or win. Their ilk infest America’s political body. They participate in determining local policy for schools, traffic, taxation, environment, lifestyle, and many more functions, operations, and policies. They support ordinances, regulations, laws to control people’s daily activities. Some of these include issues such as tree removal on personal property which, due to their efforts, requires a permit. Their efforts may make it illegal for anyone to smoke while walking down public streets.

This sort of political hack appears typical of today’s local, state, and federal politicians. They simply keep sliding upward through the political ranks.

American Leadership

Wake up America. You are surrendering your liberty and your rights to the inappropriate. You are empowering the inappropriate. You will not remain America much longer.
Today this volunteer politician and many like him control village boards, state legislatures, and the US Congress.
With leadership such as this, where is America going? Where could America possibly be heading?
At some point given a confluence of circumstances these political hacks become serious. Some become genuinely serious, big-time political bullies with plans to take over more than just a corporation or the American people.
When they evolve from a petty bully into an overly empowered glad hander, they are less than appropriate for American politics. Or are they?

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